Logline: A woman struggles to regain the memories of a lost day when she begins to believe that those close to her are lying about a head injury she sustained under suspicious circumstances.

Alison (BERRUTI) wakes in a hospital with a head injury and no memory of the previous day. Told by her family and boyfriend Colin (LADE) that she’s been in a minor car accident, she’s sent home with instructions to rest and assurances that she will recover with time. But when she experiences unexpected symptoms she begins to wonder just how truthful her friends and family are being with her. Following an unpleasant encounter with a doctor with an unexplained grudge (DI TULLIO), Alison begins to investigate her injury, unraveling the pieces of her missing day with the help of Chloe (BRIELS), a stranger who just might be the only person Alison can trust.

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