Lynita Stuart – “Dr. Giles”

Lynita was born and raised in San Diego, California where she attended college as a theater major and performed in community theater. After relocating to Chicago, Illinois, she continued performing on stage. Some of her favorite roles include Julie inMiss Julie, Mrs. Stonewell in An American Sunset, “A” in The Burial, the Narrator inThe Selfish Giant, and Nana in The Velveteen Rabbit. In addition to performing, Lynita has served as a vocal and acting coach on several productions including Annie, The Music Man, and Oliver.

Currently, Lynita trains in Denver at DS Studioworks under the auspices of David Dalton and Chad Schnackel, with ongoing training in Improv under Michael Collins at Benjy Dobrin Studios, and Voiceover with Bill Smith. Recent projects include short films: Too Many Worries as Deborah, Calm Within The Storm as Elaine, and presently in production: Roses In December (Liquid Luck Productions) as Lynette. Trauma is Lynita’s first feature film and she is looking forward to working with the talent behind TMDFilms.

 Lynita on IMDb

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