SUCCESS! We’ve raised enough in funding to officially begin production on Trauma!
It’s not over yet though… we’ve crossed a major hurdle, but the race is far from complete. We’re still not at our final fundraising goal. Will you help us raise the rest?

We need your help to make Trauma happen! We recently wrapped the first two legs of our fundraising campaign, in part through Indiegogo, and now have enough funding to begin production on the film. A huge THANK YOU to Our Supporters for making this happen – your support means the world to us!

Our Indiegogo campaign has come to an end, but you can still be a part of the magic by donating through PayPal!

Why we’re raising the money through Crowdfunding
We’ve been successful over the years making low-budget short films, and now that we’ve completed 10 projects in the last 6 years we’re ready to tackle something larger. A feature film is a massive undertaking, and we still need some help!

– The majority of our budget will go towards compensating the very talented cast and crew we’ve hired to shoot this film. Many of the people working on this film have worked with us before, and we’d love to compensate them at the rate their talent deserves!

– Additional production needs include location and equipment rentals, food to feed our team during shoots, and gas money to get everyone to and from our various sets. Trauma also has a notable SFX budget, as you might have guessed by the title – we have an SFX Makeup Artist on staff, but we’ll need to supply her with the makeup and other tools she’ll need to create each effect. The closer we can get to our fundraising goal, the better all these things will be!

– Any funds raised past our goal will be put towards post-production and promotional costs for the film.

This film will be 100% Colorado
This beautiful state we call home is one of the major characters in Trauma, which was written specifically to be shot in and around the Northern Colorado area. We’ll be shooting in many local areas, from Denver to the Rocky Mountains, with a 100% local Colorado cast.

How to Donate
It’s simple! Review the perks listed below, choose your perk, and click the PayPal button! If you’d like for your donation to be anonymos please indicate as such when submitting your payment through PayPal. Thank you!

Please note that the estimated delivery for all posters and postcards is June 2015. The estimated delivery for DVDs and screenings will be no earlier than 2016 – it all depends on how long it takes us to make the film!

$5 Perk – 1 Claimed

To show our gratitude your name will be listed as one of Our Supporters on our website. We’ll also add you to our email list, so you’ll receive updates throughout production.

$10 Perk
Everything in the $5 Perk, plus: we’ll give your page a shout out on Facebook and Twitter. (Please let us know which page!)

$15 Per – 2 Claimed
Everything in the $10 Perk, plus: your name will also appear in the end credits of the film.

$25 Perk – 3 Claimed
Everything in the $15 Perk, plus: you’ll receive a Trauma postcard with a note of thanks from the director.

$40 Perk – 5 Claimed
Everything in the $25 Perk, plus: you’ll receive an 8×10 inch print of the Trauma Teaser poster, signed by the director and principal cast.

$75 Perk
Everything in the $40 Perk, plus: we’ll include a link of your choice with your credit on the Our Supporters section of our website. (Please let us know what link to use!)

$100 Perk – 3 Claimed
Everything in the $75 Perk, plus: An invitation for you and a guest to attend a private cast and crew screening of the film before it’s available to the public. (Note: screening will take place in Denver, Colorado, and travel expenses will not be provided.) You’ll also receive a copy of the final film on DVD.

$250 Perk
Everything in the $100 Perk, plus: a ‘Special Thanks’ credit on the Trauma IMDb page. You’ll also receive an original Call Sheet from set, signed by the cast and crew.

$1000 Perk
Everything in the $250 Perk, plus: You’ll receive an Associate Producer credit on the final film.


Other Ways You Can Help
If you can’t contribute financially, please consider helping us by spreading the word!

Like us on Facebook:
Follw us on Twitter:
Check out our film website at
Learn more about our company at
Watch some of our other films:

Thank you!

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