Bradley Haag – Director of Photography, Producer

Art Institute of Colorado 2000-2007
Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media Design – 2004
Associate of Arts & Sciences in Video Production – 2005
*Portfolio Par Excellence Award

Brad produces strange but humorous expressions of his imagination through web, video, and print mediums. He began is own freelance design company, Nebulus Visions Multimedia, in 2000 with the intention to achieve creative expression wherever possible. He often performs in multiple roles as director, editor, producer, designer, podcaster, publisher, and writer and has built a large portfolio of short videos, logo/poster/package design, illustration and photography.

Recently, Brad completed production on the short action/comedy Jean Claude Van Damme’s Damn Van based on a contest and toured the film to much success. He also directed the 2014 48 Hour Film, The Diary of Anya Frank, which was awarded “Best Use of Line of Dialog”.

Currently, he’s producing the second season of Reel Nerds Podshow as well as the podcast it’s based on, while also involving himself in a long list of side projects that will never seem to end.

Visit Nebulus Visions online at


 Brad on IMDb

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